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At the beginning of 1950, my heart never changed and I watched my life

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Huadu District, located in the north of Guangzhou, is the "aviation hub +" main battlefield for Guangzhou to accelerate the construction of a national central city and implement one of the three strategic hubs. The sustainable development of medical and health services has been highly valued by governments at all levels.Huadu District People's Hospital, as the only comprehensive tertiary hospital in the District, has absolute advantages in comprehensive strength and plays an important leading role in the overall health layout of the whole district.

From a small county hospital to now, Huadu District People's hospital has developed into a leader in medical and health undertakings in Huadu District. Since its establishment in 1950, Huadu District People's hospital has gone through 67 years of ups and downs. What supports her is the sense of mission and responsibility of generations of medical staff, as well as the fraternity and benevolence that have been continuously sublimated through years of baptismFeelings.

In recent years, with the vigorous promotion of the district Party committee and the district government, the strategic layout of the health system in Huadu District has been formed, and the regional medical competition has become more and more fierce. However, since its establishment for more than 60 years, Huadu District People's hospital has always kept its original intention, adhered to the principle of "let love bloom", stand on the patient-centered basis, bearing the hospital's strong care for patients and the most simple wish for lifeHope.

Forge ahead

Reform, upgrade and strive for creation Triple A

It is understood that Huadu District People's Hospital of Guangzhou was founded in 1950, formerly known as Huaxian health center.As the Huaxian people's government moved to Xinhua Town in 1955, the hospital moved to Xinhua Road in Xinhua Town in 1956, which was named Huaxian people's hospital.In the past 67 years, Huadu District People's Hospital, under the leadership of the general Party branch of the hospital, is making steady progress towards the third class a hospital.

"At the beginning of the establishment of the hospital, there were only two departments of internal medicine and surgery, with poor facilities. However, it was the first hospital established by the government at that time, indicating that the Huaxian government under the leadership of new China had its own hospital."According to the introduction of the hospital, the hospital moved forward slowly in the early stage, but it was still difficult for the old hospital to move forward.

"In 1993, Huadu was removed from the county and established into a city. The change of administrative planning meant that Huadu was faced with the upsurge of reform. At that time, the social and economic development put forward new requirements for the medical industry."The retired staff and workers of the hospital said that since the 1990s, the hospital has begun to vigorously introduce talents, introduce excellent technical backbone and excellent graduates from all over the country, and the talent echelon of the hospital has been greatly supplemented.The newly introduced talents have played an exemplary and leading role in both medical technology and medical ethics.In 1994, the hospital has entered the first stage of hospital management, and it has become a turning point in hospital management.

After entering the "fast track", Huadu District People's hospital continued to improve its quality, safety, talents, service, management, performance and so on. In 2012, Huadu District People's hospital became a third class B hospital, and stood on a new starting point.The leading group of the hospital takes the establishment of the third class a hospital as the starting point, pays close attention to the hospital management, continuously improves the medical quality, and advances towards the goal of the third class a hospital.At the same time, the new hospital district of the hospital is also under preparation.

It is reported that the new hospital area is located in the central axis CBD core area of Huadu District, which is planned to be completed within 4 years.The construction goal of the newly-built Huadu District People's hospital is to build a comprehensive medical and health care center of Grade A, which integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, health care and rehabilitation, with obvious specialty advantages and advanced regional, international, modern and intelligent level in the province, and become the leader of the Northern Regional Medical Center, business and technical guidance center and regional medical service network in Guangzhou."With the development of Guangzhou and Huadu District, we are forced to become a regional medical center in the north of Guangzhou."Xiong Chuanyin, President of the hospital, said, "in Huadu District, we are the leading hospital. We must cooperate with the development of the deputy center of Huadu City. As a livelihood project, we should keep up with the situation and match the development of Huadu. We are now a class III B hospital, and the goal is to be a class III a"

People's hospital creates a new situation for the people's hospital.The hospital has gathered advanced equipment, excellent talents and excellent team with excellent medical ethics and technology.At the same time, the hospital focused on the construction of key disciplines and vigorously developed specialty characteristics. Nephrology and Urology, anesthesiology, orthopedics, critical care medicine, cardiovascular medicine and other comprehensive development achieved remarkable results. Among them, Nephrology and urology was included in the 13th five year plan key discipline construction project of Guangzhou Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission in 2016.At present, Huadu District People's hospital has become the China Stroke Center Alliance. It is the only stroke center in northern Guangzhou and the Department of craniocerebral trauma of Guangdong trauma research and treatment center. Seven specialties, including respiratory medicine, digestive disease, critical medicine, orthopedics, gynecology, neurosurgery and perinatal medicine, have been included in the construction of key projects in the region.At the same time, more than 20 other disciplines such as general surgery, endocrinology and traditional Chinese medicine are also developing simultaneously.A large comprehensive tertiary class a hospital in northern Guangzhou with comprehensive disciplines and strong technical force will be presented to us.

Former site of Huadu District People's Hospital

Extraordinary mission

use Action shouldering social responsibility

Huadu District People's hospital has an extraordinary mission since its establishment, and now plays an important leading role in the overall health layout of Huadu District.It is understood that the hospital undertakes the tasks of public emergencies and emergency medical rescue in the airport and the northern area of Guangzhou, and is the designated unit for emergency relief in Huadu District. Over the years, the hospital has properly handled public emergencies and continuously improved its first aid and emergency response capabilities.

Huadu District People's Hospital, as a public medical institution, undertakes the main task of emergency rescue work in Huadu District. Through smooth and efficient communication and cooperation, the hospital allows the injured to receive treatment in the shortest time; with correct, timely and professional treatment, it takes care of the life of the injured and reduces the pain of the injured; with the leading and solid professional strength, it guarantees the majority of peopleThe safety of the people's lives, let the government at ease, let the masses at ease.It is reported that in October 2016, an explosion occurred in a residential building at the junction of Commercial Avenue and Hongzhu road. After receiving a 120 call, the emergency department of the District People's hospital immediately sent an ambulance to the scene of the accident to carry out rescue. Meanwhile, the emergency medical rescue team in the hospital was organized to participate in the rescue work of the injured, which finally made the injured out of danger.

In addition, the infectious diseases department of the hospital is also a pioneer in public health and infectious disease prevention and treatment. It has participated in the emergency diagnosis and treatment of major infectious disease outbreaks and public health emergencies, such as SARS, hand foot and mouth disease, influenza A (H1N1), dengue fever, etc., and successfully completed all major tasks.The hospital is a designated unit of infectious diseases in Huadu District, which is responsible for the prevention and control of regional infectious diseases. During the period of SARS, the hospital treated all suspected cases in the whole region. Because of its outstanding performance, it has won many honorary titles, such as individual second class merit, collective third class merit, anti SARS model unit and so on.Huadu District People's hospital takes "the government is at ease and the people are satisfied" as the standard, and takes the initiative to take responsibility and fulfill its duties.

With the increasing strength of the hospital, the hospital not only serves the residents of the District, but also continuously goes out to participate in social activities and charity work.The hospital has been actively engaged in various social welfare, adhering to the core concept of "let love bloom", and actively carried out volunteer services, from vigorously carrying out social public welfare activities to joining the first public welfare social platform in China, continuously supporting two hospitals outside the province and five basic medical units in the district, and participating in non voluntary service.The District People's hospital has never stopped on the road of public welfare. It has won the titles of "100 civilized hospitals", the first batch of "Guangdong health promotion demonstration hospital" and "Guangzhou healthy city demonstration unit health hospital". It has been highly praised and fully affirmed by superior departments and experts in the activity of building a civilized city in Guangzhou.

Public emergency drill

The original mind does not change

Caring and caring Carrying out the spirit of "blooming"

Culture is the soul of a hospital.Huadu District People's Hospital of Guangzhou City, after 67 years of seeking, equipment is constantly updated, technology is continuously improved, and talents are replaced from generation to generation. Only the long-term accumulated hospital culture has become the core element that can not be replaced and has far-reaching influence, so that the hospital can maintain its vigorous vitality.Whether it is from a county health center to today's regional medical industry leader, or beyond the regional three-level general hospital to upgrade to the first-class medical service center in northern Guangzhou, the spirit of "blooming" runs through the development of the hospital.

The attribute of the medical industry is to serve others, and to be affirmed at the same time is to give doctors the greatest return.Now doctors stress care and love. Whether the two "hearts" let patients feel, the most direct embodiment is whether the doctor-patient relationship is harmonious.In the big wave of medical reform, the doctors of the hospital still adhere to the original intention of simplicity, love their posts, save the dying and heal the wounded, and are highly praised by the public.

It is understood that in June this year, it rained heavily in Guangzhou.In Tonghe section, an ambulance from Huadu District People's hospital was trapped 300 meters away from Nanfang Hospital.The car is a patient with acute cerebral infarction, the condition needs to be transferred to Nanfang Hospital for treatment.For him, time is life. On the ambulance, two female medical staff from Huadu District People's Hospital waded barefoot and pushed the patients on the stretcher bed to the emergency department of Nanfang Hospital, snatching back the most precious time for patients' lives.

Yang Wenjuan, another obstetrician, has been working in the District People's hospital since graduation in 2006. Her professional medical service level and intimacy have been loved by the majority of patients, and won the first place in the list of patients' favorable comments for three consecutive quarters."Thank you so much, even if it's time for us to come back."Yang Wenjuan said that thanks and understanding from patients are the biggest driving force for their work. "I remember an old elder told us that" doctors are not only treating diseases, but also treating people's hearts. It is most important to give patients the most cordial care, care and confidence, and encourage them to persevere. "That's what I always stick to. "Yang Wenjuan said that the attitude and service of the whole hospital team are very high quality, and they are often praised by patients. In her opinion, the service technology level of the whole medical team is constantly improving, which is bound to be better and better.

"Let love bloom" as the core cultural concept of the hospital, goes deep into the hearts of every medical staff, and expresses the people's Hospital of Huadu District always takes care of patients' lives and wishes to create a better future for the hospital.All the staff of Huadu District People's hospital make joint efforts and devote themselves to the work of creating Grade Three A in the spirit of "blooming", which will surely make the hospital become the first-class medical service center in the northern area of Guangzhou.

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