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Introduction to Guangzhou Huadu District Hospital

Guangzhou Huadu District People's hospital was established inone thousand nine hundred and fiftyHuadu hospital, affiliated to Southern Medical University, has three hospital districts: Xinhua Road General Hospital, Baohua hospital district and Tianmei hospital district. It is the only comprehensive class III class a hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care and rehabilitation in Huadu District.

The hospital isNational advanced stroke center construction unit and China Stroke Center Alliance“Comprehensive stroke center”Member unitsChina chest pain center (Standard Version)China atrial fibrillation center construction unitConstruction unit of trauma treatment center of China trauma treatment allianceThe first batch of postdoctoral innovation practice bases in Guangdong Province and the Sixth Batch of postdoctoral innovation practice bases in Guangzhou.The Central Laboratory of the hospital has molecular biology laboratory, cell culture room and flow cytometry roomthreeScientific research and experimental platform, with equipmentsixtySpare parts, valuefour hundredIt can carry out cell culture, nucleic acid extraction and electrophoresis, flow cytometry, apoptosis detectionqPCRImmunofluorescence, immunohistochemistrywestern blot、ELISAAnd so onTh1/Th2Cytokines, antiplatelet antibodies(ITP)、T-regDetection of new coronavirus nucleic acid.

Hospital bedsone thousand and twentyZhang, actually open bedsone thousand and fiftyZhang,Existing staffone thousand eight hundred and ninety-twoPeople, including health professionalsone thousand five hundred and twenty-ninePeople.Senior title of health technical personnelthirty-fourSenior person, deputy titletwo hundred and thirty-eightPeople, doctoral studentsseventeenPeople, postgraduatestwo hundred and thirty-sixTutor for graduate studentsthreePeople.There are clinical departmentsfortyMedical Technology DepartmentthirteenOne,Department of geriatrics of traditional Chinese medicine is Guangdong Province“the 13th Five-Year plan”Key projects of TCM specialty constructionNephrology and urology are the key disciplines in Guangzhou, obstetrics is the treatment center for severe pregnant and lying in women in Huadu District of Guangzhou; Respiratory Medicine, digestive diseases, orthopedics, gynecology, neurosurgery, perinatal medicine, etceightIt is a key specialty in Huadu District.two thousand and nineteenGeneral diagnosis and treatment of outpatient and emergency departmentone hundred and seventy-two point six nineMillion person times, diagnosis and treatment of inpatientsfive point two oneMillion person times, carry out in-hospital surgerythree point one twoThe average length of stay was 10000seven point one sevenDaysCDType I case rate77.99%。

The hospital undertakes the clinical practice teaching task of students in several medical colleges and universities, and serves as the national level resident standardized training collaborative base of Guangzhou first people's hospitaleighteenAt present, there are resident doctors in trainingone hundredPeople.In recent three years, the project of scientific research in the hospital has been establishedone hundred and thirty-fourNational Natural Science Foundation of ChinaoneChina Post Doctoral FundtwoMajor national science and technology sub projectsfiveProvincial Scientific Research Fund ProjectstwelveThe project was fundedfive hundred and thirty-fiveTen thousand yuan; publishedSCIpapertwenty-eightThe highest impact factornine point one three fiveCore papers, journal papersone hundred and seventeenTo undertake medical continuing education projecttwo hundred and oneAmong them, the national level continuing education projecteightProvincial continuing education projecteighty-oneItem).

The hospital conscientiously implemented the medical reform policy, solidly promoted the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, and accelerated the construction of the Medical Association, which is within the joint zoneoneSecond class hospitalseightThe medical group of Huadu District People's Hospital of Guangzhou City and the Department of Obstetrics and pediatrics alliance were set up in primary medical institutions.The board of directors, the board of supervisors and the management center are set up to be responsible for the decision-making, supervision and implementation of the group respectively. The group takes the articles of association as the general management outline and implements five unified management modes of institutions, assets, business, personnel and medical insurance funds.We should set up famous doctor's studio and joint ward, set up operation auxiliary center, sink high-quality medical resources, improve the ability of grass-roots service, build an integrated medical service system, and enrich the grass-roots medical reform“Huadu sample”Connotation.

Central axis of Huadu DistrictCBDCore arealandtwo hundred and twentyMu, total construction areatwenty-threeTen thousand square meters, total number of bedsone thousand and five hundredZhang, the preparatory work has been completed.

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